Compak K6 PB – Matte Black


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The Compak K6 PB Coffee Grinder has been developed for the professional barista.

This commercial coffee grinder featuring “Parallel System” grind regulator lock,  motor with fan, ergonomic doser lid for easy removal and an aluminium star doser with high efficiency sweepers.

The body is made entirely from high quality aluminium with the added benefit of a built in tamper. This coffee grinder is suitable for medium to high volume grinding (10-18kgs of coffee a week) and offers all the components you need for a precise and intensive grind.


64mm Flat Burrs — Stainless steel burrs grind coffee for espresso with pro-level precision and speed.

Precision Star Doser — Dosing just the right amount of coffee is quick and easy with the high-efficiency doser.

Built-In Tamper — An optional tamper is attached to the doser to save you time and space.

Stepless Grind Collar — The protruding arm makes switching grind settings smooth, fast, and precise.

Parallel Burr Mechanism — Keeps the burrs perfectly aligned to ensure your grounds are uniform.

Internal Fan — Keeps the grinder a steady temperature.


Key Specifications
Motor output 240 W
Revolutions per minute 1380 rpm
Ø Burrs 64 mm
Espresso point production 6 Kg/h
Hopper capacity 1.700 gr
Height x width x depth 635 x 215 x 400 mm
Net weight 11,580 Kg
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