Crem One 2b R-GSP (Rotary, Gradual Soft Pre-infusion) – ETA September 22 to January 23


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Crem One 2b R-GSP

The ONE is striking, unmistakably modern, and showcases its legendary DNA more proudly than ever with a concept twist based on the iconic design of the well-known Office Leva, giving that wonderful feeling of reconnecting with an old friend.

The ONE features state-of-the-art technology for a fully professional-grade espresso machine. It proudly inherits CREM recognised engineering knowledge and expertise within the commercial espresso sector, and continues the way started by its predecessor, the classic Office Leva.

From the coffee lover or the barista amateur to the experienced coffee master, the ONE brings a superior espresso experience by introducing high performance features and smart solutions, wherever you are at your home, in the office or in your own small coffee shop.

The ONE not only looks stunning. Every element and small detail have been carefully designed to fulfill the highest standards of ergonomics and intuitive controls and displays, mainly based on its new electronic platform. The ONE is incredibly easy to use, without losing an inch of any performance and delivers an outstanding in-cup-quality.

This model offers flexible but accurate pre-infusion times to improve extraction rates.

From 0-20 seconds, the pre-infusion parameters are easily adjustable from the OLED display. Pressure is gradually increased up to the desired brewing pressure.


  • 2B PID (1.7L+1.2L)
  • Rotary pump
  • Gradual Soft pre infusion (GSP)
  • E-61 group head
  • Double Manometer
  • ½ turn knobs
  • Smart drip tray
  • Auto Water tank & mains connection
  • OLED Display with 4 buttons
  • Internal USB port
  •  Internal USB port for firmware upgrades
  • Barista Kit Pro comprising: 7, 14 and 18g baskets, cleaning brush, cleaning tablets, blind metal filter, flat metallic tamper, extra steam tip 3 hole, milk jug 300ml, 1 x double narrow spout portafilter.

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