Crem One – 2b R-LFPP Pressure Profiling – ETA September 22 to January 23


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Crem One Dual Boiler with Rotary Pump, PID and LFPP (Low Flow Pressure Profiling)

From the coffee lover or the barista amateur to the experienced coffee master, the ONE brings a superior espresso experience by introducing high performance features and smart solutions, wherever you are at your home or in the office.

Distinctive CREM thermal stability and reliably built hydraulic system has been even improved within the ONE range.

Espresso creation is now easier than even before. The rotary pump allows the user to set different pressure profiles when extracting the coffee, in real time! Be as creative as you wish by using the intuitive but extraordinary precise Push & Rotate knob (from 0.2 to 0.5 b). Or use one of your own pre-set profiles. Up to 5 profiles can be saved by either saving the last extraction in the Barista Mode of the OLED Display or by uploading them via USB.

• 2B PID (1.7L+1.2L)
• Rotary pump
• GSP (Gradual Soft Pre-infusion)
• LFPP (Low Flow Pressure profiling)
• E-61 group head
• Double Manometer
• Pressure knob
• ½ turn knobs
• Smart drip tray
• Auto Water tank & mains connection
• OLED Display with 4 buttons


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