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Original NitroPress Instructions:

Fill canister with 500ml cold brew coffee .
Place on canister head tight.
Insert N2 charger bulb into the charger holder.
Tighten cartridge lid to pressurise the device.
Shake the NitroPress for 30 seconds to infuse liquid correctly.
Over a clear glass, pull trigger and dispense.
Once all the liquid is dispensed, pull the trigger to release pressure.
Unscrew the canister head and repeat steps for another drink.
N2 charger bulbs compatibility — Pure nitrogen bulbs, (no oxygen mix) produces the best results for the cascading draft effect.

Quick, easy to use — Pour, screw on lid, shake and dispense. Four easy steps to making the best nitro infusion beverages.

Fully portable — So long as you have your Original NitroPress, chargers and brew; drinking Nitro Cold Brew anywhere is a reality.

Dishwasher Friendly cleaning — Once you’re done, place all components in to the dishwasher without having to worry, it’ll be ready to go again in no time.

Store in the fridge ready to use at any time — Keep contents fresh in the fridge for longer

Spice things up a little — Have fun with infusions! Use all natural ingredients to infuse beverages with items like cinnamon sticks, mint leaves, cacao nibs and more.

Canister Capacity: 500ml
Material Stainless Steel
Coffee Cocktail Chargers sold separately here

Piston Valve
Canister Head
Charger Holder
Please Note: Nitrogen Cocktail Chargers sold separately

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