Crem ONE

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Due to manufacturing delays, we will not see any Crem One machines until February 2023

The ONE is striking, unmistakably modern, and showcases its legendary DNA more proudly than ever with a concept twist based on the iconic design of our well-known Office Leva, giving that wonderful feeling of reconnecting with an old friend.  The ONE not only looks stunning, but every element and small detail has been carefully designed to fulfil the highest standards of ergonomics and intuitive control.  The ONE is incredibly easy to use, without losing an inch of any performance and delivers an outstanding in-cup-quality.  From the coffee lover or the barista amateur to the experienced coffee master, the ONE brings a superior espresso experience by introducing high performance features and smart solutions, whether you are at your home, in the office or in your own small coffee shop.

Some of the standard features in all 4 models are:  Professional E61 group head, ½ turn taps, temp and shot time display, new interchangeable mains connection and water tank, with tank refill signal, barista kit and smart drip tray allows the middle section to be removed to allow for taller cups.  Customise your machine with the optional wooden kit which includes side panels, group handle, steam knobs and lever knob.

Some variances in models are: Pressure Profiling & Drip Tray Full alarm (2B RP-PP version only), Gradual soft pre infusion (2B RP-GSP & RP-PP versions), Advanced menu settings OLED display (2B versions), Temp & Time User Interface (1B version), Auto ON/OFF (excl. 1B version), standby & ECO mode

Specifications of each model can be found here: Product brochure